What exactly is an Empowerment Coach?

An Empowerment Coach is someone who takes you from where you are, to where you want to be. We work together to help you heal your pain, and step into your power. As an Empowerment Coach I guide you to identify what is blocking your path, and work with you to release that. We create a new vision for your future. A future in which you are the whole, healed and empowered woman you totally deserve to be. It doesn’t matter if you need support with your business, your relationships or are simply trying to figure out exactly who you are… we can work out what is holding you back, and discover what you need in order to shift into a whole, healed and empowered version of yourself.

What makes a Krystal Wilson experience so special?
When you decide to have a Coach support you in your journey, you are choosing (maybe for the first time in your life!) to choose yourself. To say YES, to yourself. That is a BIG deal. When you decide you’re ready for change, ready for more, it is so important that you are able to connect with someone who takes the time to really SEE you. The real you. Without judgement. And with a knowing of exactly how it feels, to be where you are. That’s me. Every step of the way, I will see you. We won’t just touch the surface, we are going to get this thing DONE. The raw, real, deep stuff… we’ll go there. Because when we heal what is going on underneath, we create real, lasting change. That’s what I want for you. And together, we can make it happen.
How often are the programs offered?
Master Your Mind, Be The Light and my other life-changing, soul nourishing programs run at various times throughout the year. To make sure you don’t miss out, get your name onto the waitlist now, and I’ll let you know as soon as each experience opens up!
Can I work with you 1:1 at any time?

I try to make sure I can be available for the deep, powerful work we do together in my 1:1 Breakthrough transformational mentorship as often as possible. I’d love to chat and we can book in a time to discuss how I can help you to Breakthrough. Just pop your details into the Contact form here, and I’ll be in touch before you know it!

Can I just have a one-off session with you?

I believe that the work I do is powerful and creates deep and long-lasting change. It is also my belief that this type of healing does not take place in just one session. Because I want to make sure you get results that have a real impact, what I do offer is a Discovery Session. These 60-minute calls allow me to really get to know you and means that I can recommend the best program or experience, especially for you, that will offer you the most life-changing results. This deep-dive call is available to you for an investment of $222. You can read more about Discovery Sessions right here.

What’s the greatest reality TV series of all time?
Yeah, I know. This isn’t the type of question you usually see on an FAQ page! But any excuse for me to chat about reality TV, and I am going to take it! So, even though you didn’t ask, the answer is The Real Housewives. All of them. Every series. Every season. I’m obsessed!

And girl, don’t even tell me if you haven’t watched them…Come on, it’s time to get your binge on!