An 9 Week Transformational Journey For Women

Master Your MIND

Master Your Mind is a 9-week journey that will empower you to take back control of your mind, your life and anything else that’s getting in the way of you having the best freakin relationship with YOU.

Woman, I see you.

In fact, I have been exactly where you are;

Negative and disempowering thoughts.

Low self-esteem and confidence.

Triggered AF by almost everything and everyone.

Living in a toxic self-sabotage loop.

Disconnected from myself and everyone else.

Inner feeling of not being good enough, smart enough, pretty enough.

Feeling like people don’t really like me like nobody really gets me.

Angry, frustrated, sad, lonely.

Feeling shame, f/k so much shame.

Constantly in an inner battle with my own toxic abusive thoughts and feeling about myself.

It’s shit, it’s hard and it can feel debilitating.

But don’t worry, you have landed here, reading my words because this is exactly where you are meant to be.

I am going to show you the way out of your inner mess.

Together, we’re going to turn that mess into magic and your pain into your freaking super power.


This is the course that will teach you how to silence your Inner Mean Girl – the voice in your head that has been telling you that you aren’t enough, that you are failing, that you don’t deserve the things you want.

You will realise that you are enough, and you always have been. And you are going to discover through the teachings in Master Your Mind that you have it within you to create any reality you desire.

Master Your Mind is the way out of your inner mess. 

Together, shoulder to shoulder, we will do the deep inner work to heal and harness the power of your mind, uncovering the unique and specific ways in which the events from your past, that have impacted your thoughts, emotions, and the inner belief you hold about yourself that are untrue and out of alignment.

Because when you change the way, you think about yourself, you will change your entire world.

In Master Your Mind you will be re-discovering the woman you are.

The woman you truly ARE  //  The woman you have always been   

This is YOU becoming a whole, healed, and empowered version of yourself that ultimately you know already exists within you.  

You’re just disconnected from her, and Master Your Mind is going to reconnect you to that part of yourself, that is so ready to be reclaimed.   

This is the journey in, deep within yourself.  

It’s time.

We are going to do it together!

You’ll be guided for 9 mind-altering weeks by Krystal Wilson – hi! That’s me. I’m a Women’s Mindset and Empowerment Coach and I specialise in supporting women to transform their relationship with themselves.

I am certified at Master Level in Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy and Nero Linguistic Programming as well as a certified level 2 certified Reiki Practitioner.

Not only will you be receiving support from me, you’ll be sharing the journey with an intimate group of women who are exactly where you are, and who are just as ready to do the deep inner mindset work.

Together we will all walk side by side as we heal our inner blocks and uncover our most empowered version of ourselves.

“I truly find it so hard to put into words how this program has helped me breakthrough what has been holding me back. I have been on a personal growth journey for quite some time and I was already reading and listening to personal development books and podcasts, meditating, using a gratitude journal and saying affirmations.

I knew I needed to do something more to get over the hurdles and get rid of my bad habits of self-sabotage.

Through the Master Your Mind program I have been able to recognise exactly what events in my life have caused me to create disempowering beliefs about myself and my self-worth.

Our weekly sessions have shown me what I need to let go of to be able to shine my light brightly. The community created within our group of incredible women all at different levels of self-discovery and growth has been such a blessing. I have truly made friends for life and we have been able to support each other on this journey. Lift others up when needed, motivate and keep each other accountable. Give yourself the permission to let Krystal help you with her expertise to let go of what is no longer serving you. If you do, then the world will truly be your oyster!”

Kristie Pettit, AUS

Let’s Break It Down

What we are going to cover over 9 weeks together in Master Your Mind:

Week 1: The Journey

In our first group session together, you will learn about the different stages of the healing journey and what it really means to master your mind. We will begin the journey of peeling back the layers on your life, taking a deeper look at where you are currently; what’s working, what’s not working, where you desire to be and what is holding you back from already having it.

Session 1: Wednesday 10th August at 8pm AEST

Week 2: The Codes

In session two we begin our journey deep into the inner workings of our magnificent minds; the good, the bad and the ugly. You will learn about the codes of the mind. There are specific codes in which the mind works; learning these codes, embracing them, understanding them, and working with them will completely change the reality you are currently creating for yourself. Like, I’m not even joking, when you learn what I am going to teach you and begin implementing this into your life, you’re going to blow your own mind.

Session 2: Wednesday 17th August at 8pm AEST

Week 3: The Sequence

We all have a sequence of events that have shaped who we are as women today. Some of the events have been good and some not so good, some very very bad. In session 3 we will be taking a deep dive into the sequence of events that make up our lives, so that we can heal the inner child within us, setting that little bubba version of us free so that our wounded inner child is no longer showing up in our lives now as grown women.

Session 3: Wednesday 24th August at 8pm AEST

Week 4: Emotions

Have you ever wondered where all your anger or guilt comes from? Well in this session we are going to get to the root cause of the negative emotions that rule you. There are 6 negative emotions that I will focus on in this session. You will learn about these emotions, how they show up, why they show up and how to heal them so that you can take back control over your emotional responses and reactions.

Session 4: Wednesday 31st August at 8pm AEST

Week 5: Limiting Beliefs

Negative limiting beliefs, these guys are absolute a-holes! In session 4 you will learn everything you need to know about limiting beliefs; what they are, how they are created, how to bust through and rewrite them. What I am going to teach you in this session will literally blow your mind because your entire life is currently operating from what you believe about yourself, and if what you subconsciously believe about yourself is negative…well you’re likely currently stuck in a negative loop that you want to break free from.

Session 5: Wednesday 7th September at 8pm AEST

Week 6: Alignment

Okay, so by week 6 of Master Your Mind you are going to be so ready to step into a whole new way of being. I am telling you; you will be busting down my door ready AF for this session. This session is the beginning of your homecoming. You’re going to learn all about what it actually means to be in alignment; what it looks like, what it feels like and more. Not only will we cover all of that magic, we are also going plunge into your core values, curating them, rearranging and aligning them to be in absolute symphony with the most empowered version of you.

Session 6: Tuesday 13th September at 8pm AEST

Week 7: Homecoming

Woman, get your white poufy dress on, do your hair, plaster your face in make-up and slap on your favourite lippy because it’s your homecoming and guess what…You’re going to be announced the homecoming queen of your freakin life! In session 7 you’re going to meet your higher self; the badass you, the one, the only, the empowered goddess that has been busting to come out and start running the show.

Session 7: Wednesday 21st September at 8pm AEST

Week 8: Embodiment

When doing the deep inner healing work the goal is always embodiment because once we embody the work we have done we emerge as the whole, healed and empowered woman. The woman who no longer has to consciously do the work as vigorously as she has done because that work has been embodied, it’s no longer who she wants to be, it’s who she is. In our final group session (I am sad writing this and we haven’t even started yet…dramatic much) I will cover, drum roll…..Embodiment, manifestation and creating your new empowered vision for your life.

Session 8: Wednesday 28th September at 8pm AEST

Week 9: 1:1 Date with Krystal

This is my favourite part. This is me taking my homecoming queen (you) on a 1:1 date. Yep, you and me, a 1:1 coaching session where we will go deep into what you discovered about yourself, any blocks you may need further coaching on and any support you need to integrate your Master Your Mind experience.

Everything that’s included in your Master Your Mind journey:


  • 8 weekly group sessions with Krystal Wilson
  • Private 1:1 Session with Krystal Wilson
  • Weekly workbook to download and print
  • Breakthrough Hypnotherapy session
  • Visioning Visualisation Process
  • Weekly Guided Meditations
  • Private FB Community
  • Master Your Mind members portal
  • Support, coaching and all the love I have to give for 9 weeks

The power is within you

I am going to give it to you straight…

The only person who can heal you is you.

The only person who can change the things you desire to change, is YOU.

Its all up to you.

The power is within you.

In fact it’s already within you; it’s deep within you right now.

And, my job, the work I do, the work we are going to do together in Master Your Mind is going to help you to uncover your power.

I am here to show you the path, the path of least resistance and to teach you the tools and give you the best of what I have got to show you how you can heal you.

But, here is the catch…

You have to be willing to jump, to take the chance, to make the move and make a bet on yourself.

To invest your time and your money into YOURSELF.

And, believe me I know how scary that can feel, I get it but that’s just how it goes.

You’re going to have to feel the fear, feel the uncertainty and do it anyways. Jump!

Maybe for the first time in your life. It’s time to give back – to yourself.

You will feel afraid; but do it anyway.

You will feel resistant; do it anyway.

You will feel you don’t deserve it; DO. IT. ANYWAY.

Because woman – I promise it’s in the jumping that the certainty comes.

You deserve inner peace.

You deserve to heal.

You deserve to be happy.

You deserve this.

You are worthy of this. Period!

Trust yourself.

“First, I want to say that Krystal is so giving in the She Who Dares community, of free uplifting and insightful interactions. This is where I first meet her, and I found myself going back consistently for more. When her Master your Mind program came up, I had an immense pull that I needed to reach out to her.

She connects with each individual on a personal level to understand where you are coming from and how she can help guide you.

The program is exactly as she describes with clear communication on the flow and activities. She creates a safe loving place for women to be vulnerable, while at the same time pushing us outside our boundaries. The bond and support between the women is fostered on the first day, and I know I have made lifelong connections. I can’t explain how or why she knows what we all need, but she does and delivers it in a way that we can all personally apply it to our lives. Give yourself the gift of this course, you are worth it.”

Angela Scott – USA

The investment in yourself:

One Time Payment – $1,555

Prefer a payment plan?

I have got you covered!

No deposit required, simply choose the weekly payment option that suits you and pay your first instalment today. In order to manage payments there are additional admin charges already added into the weekly cost.

Option #1

8 weekly payments of $207.50

Option #2

12 weekly payments of $150.00

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What if you don’t feel ready?

A better question to ask yourself rather than ‘Am I ready?’ is, am I okay staying where I am another minute longer?

Are you ready to break up with your inner mess and step into a new version of yourself that deep down you have always known was within you?

How long have you waited already?

You don’t need to ‘feel ready’ – if you wait until you feel ready, you’ll be waiting forever.

You just need to want it for yourself.
Feeling ready comes from actually doing the thing.

Close your eyes and check in with yourself;
Is this something you WANT to do? Or maybe…

Is this what you NEED to do?

You know the answer.

Trust yourself.

THAT’S your sign.

You’ve waited long enough.

Got More Questions?

Woman, I’ve Got Answers.

What if I can’t be on the live sessions each week?

That’s okay because all our group sessions held each week are recorded and uploaded within 24 hours for those who are watching the recording.

How long do I have access to the content in Master Your Mind?

You will have access for 1 year to all the content inside the Facebook community group.

How much time will I need to commit to Master Your Mind?

Roughly around 2-3 hours per week. Each weekly group session will go for 60-90mins each week and there is weekly homework that will be given after each group session to help you to deepen your personal experience and breakthrough.

What if I am based outside of Australia, can I still join?

Yes, absolutely! I work with women all over the world. This is why Master Your Mind is set up in the way that it is; all content is recorded so that no matter what time zone you reside you can access it at a time that suits you. Also, there is a private Facebook group where I’ll be available to answer any questions, offer support and connect with each of the women in the program