Krystal Fking Clear

In 2018 I purchased a podcast microphone with dreams of starting my own podcast.

In 2018 I purchased a podcast microphone with dreams of starting my own podcast.

For 3 years that microphone sat in the box collecting dust.

For the first year and a half it sat in the box collecting dust because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to talk about.

And, for the second year and a half because I finally figured out what I wanted to talk about, and I was shit scared.

Then finally after 3 years of not taking any action and feeling a shit tonne of fear I bit the bullet and decided to feel all the fear and DO IT ANYWAYS because you know…

She Who Dared!

In 2021 I finally sat down to record the first season of

‘Krystal Fking Clear’.

And over 2 seasons, 2 years and 23 episodes I bared my soul to the world, sharing the darkest deepest secrets of my life, healing journey, and all my fuck ups along the way to become Krystal Fucking Wilson.

You might be thinking… why did I do this?

Because if you know me now, the Krystal Wilson standing before you, then you don’t know me at all. Unless you know where I have come from knowing me now means nothing because it is where I have come from, what I have been through and all that I have overcome in order to stand here in my power asking others to trust me as I guide them through their journey that proves my voice is one worth listening too.

One of my main messages I speak and speak loudly is “Turn your pain to power”…
I wanted to show women my pain so that they could see that I am the walking, talking embodiment of that message, and if I can so can they.

I have turned all my pain into my power, I remembered who the fuck I was before all the shit things happened and I decided to change my life and now I stand before other women saying “HEY, I know the way, let me show you”

Krystal Fking Clear comes with a big AF Trigger Warning.

Over 23 episodes no topic is off limits, I talk about and share detailed stories about child sexual abuse, generational trauma, drugs and alcohol abuse, emotionally abusive relationships, pregnancy termination, infertility, casual sex, grooming, mother and sister wounds and everything else in-between.

Krystal Fking Clear is designed to be listened to from season 1 through to season 2 episode 12. Binge it just like you would a Netflix series as its not designed for you to jump around to random episodes but rather listen to one by one in order as I bare my soul.

Season 2 of Krystal Fking Clear was a much harder season for me to record and I think that shows in the way I speak and talk about the events I discuss. I was more emotional and I definitely found it harder to find my flow and speak the way I would have liked compared to season 1. Just keep that in mind as you listen and remember that I am talking about my very real-life trauma, things that I have experienced, my shame, my pain and hurt, so some episodes are not as eloquent as one might like or be used to when listening to a professional podcast.

I created this podcast to share my story..

But it’s so much more than that.

Because my story, is your story, too.

It’s ALL of our stories.

I have lost count of how many women have messaged me after binging Krystal Fking Clear sharing with me how much they could relate, or how they had a similar story or experience and how just by me being brave enough to share my story so publicly, they had felt their own shame lift.

We’ve all been kicked when we’re down, overcome challenges, felt hurt and broken and betrayed. We’ve let ourselves down, we’ve been let down and we have let other down.

But we must forgive ourselves and move forward.

I share my story with you, to show you just how powerful it is when we own who we have been, so we can more powerfully own who we have become.

Want are other saying about Krystal Fking Clear?

“This is the podcast we need in 2021!”

“Powerful women sharing their stories of truth, pain and heartache; all help us as we navigate our own unique stories. The intimate shares on this podcast invites you to hold space for your own stories. It allows you to connect with your own pain and take courage and strength to find a beautiful path forward. Grateful for Krystal holding space for these conversations that we need, in such a tender way. A beautiful guide to connecting with our own stories, and finding hope within.”


“Krystal Fking Clear is like a Netflix series…”

“You don’t want it to end, and you want to hear the next episode straight away! So much of what you share resonates with me. Thank you Krystal for being so real and so raw.


“Krystal speaks her mind and her truth and shares her stories with such honestly…”

While also throwing in some absolute hilarity. She is such a great storyteller who absolutely captivated me from the very first episode. I felt like I was going through each emotion alongside her, as she tells you about some of the most intimate moments in her life; in a way that feels totally relatable. There have been so many of my own ‘ah ha!’ light bulb moments as I have listened to this podcast and I love that Krystal shares so openly about things that others may hold back on, from fear of judgement. Krystal is entertaining, thought provoking and full of absolute integrity.”