Krystal Fking Clear

“If you’re looking for some real talk, from someone who is like your friends much cooler, older sister… then Krystal Fking Clear is the podcast for you.”

Krystal Fking Clear is like Netflix for your ears. It’s the binge you can’t stop listening to.

This story takes you with me on the journey from hot mess…

…to a whole, healed and empowered woman.

It’s where shit gets real. We tackle everything from emotionally abusive relationships, to using drugs and alcohol to numb out the pain, and even unpacking the deep wounds that come from childhood abuse. I created this podcast to share my story… But it’s so much more than that. Because my story, is your story, too. It’s ALL of our stories. We’ve all been kicked when we’re down, overcome challenges, felt hurt and broken and betrayed. We’ve let ourselves down, and we’ve been let down. But we keep showing up. I share my story with you, to prove just how powerful it can be, when you keep showing up…For yourself. I can’t wait to have you join me on this wild ride filled with truth bombs, f-bombs, and a whole lotta healing.

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EP 2: Broken – Part One

EP 2: Broken – Part One

Taking you straight into her heart and pain, Krystal pulls no punches in describing one of the hardest times of her life: the breakdown. She opens up about her coping mechanism...

EP 3: Broken – Part Two

EP 3: Broken – Part Two

** Trigger warning this episode talks about pregnancy termination** Leading on from the last episode Krystal shares more about the coping mechanisms that distracted her from the...

What’s happening this season on Krystal Fking Clear

On the very first season of the podcast, I take you with me on my journey to becoming a whole, healed and empowered woman.

From drug and alcohol addiction, to emotionally damaging relationships and the reality of narcissistic abuse… I don’t hold ANYTHING back!

I share with you my experiences on learning how to love myself… and then being able to let love in. We unpack the reality of the Mother Wound, and how trauma can travel through the generations. And I publicly name, for the first time, my mother’s abuser. There is some hard hitting, deep dive content that comes with a serious trigger warning. This is not a fluffy podcast. But it is real; and it is really powerful stuff. You’re going to need to strap in for this journey, because it is one hell of a ride.

Want to know what people are saying about Krystal Fking Clear?

“This is the podcast we need in 2021! Powerful women sharing their stories of truth, pain and heartache; all help us as we navigate our own unique stories. The intimate shares on this podcast invites you to hold space for your own stories. It allows you to connect with your own pain and take courage and strength to find a beautiful path forward. Grateful for Krystal holding space for these conversations that we need, in such a tender way. A beautiful guide to connecting with our own stories, and finding hope within.”


“Krystal Fking Clear is like a Netflix series…you don’t want it to end, and you want to hear the next episode straight away! So much of what you share resonates with me. Thank you Krystal for being so real and so raw.”


“Krystal speaks her mind and her truth and shares her stories with such honestly… while also throwing in some absolute hilarity. She is such a great storyteller who absolutely captivated me from the very first episode. I felt like I was going through each emotion alongside her, as she tells you about some of the most intimate moments in her life; in a way that feels totally relatable. There have been so many of my own ‘ah ha!’ light bulb moments as I have listened to this podcast and I love that Krystal shares so openly about things that others may hold back on, from fear of judgement. Krystal is entertaining, thought provoking and full of absolute integrity.”


EP 4: Living my best fake life

EP 4: Living my best fake life

In this episode Krystal further unpacks the dynamic of not dealing with your shit... openly + vulnerably sharing about life when everything looks good on the OUTside. Upon...

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