She Who Dares
Rebrand & Rebirth

“My love language is blowing up every aspect of your brand and business in the best possible way”

This is the next revolution of your business.

This is you upleveling the absolute fuck out of your brand with…

Unshakeable confidence.

Undeniable power.

A brand so undeniably powerful that it uplevels how you show up and how you are received in your business.

Your brand is who you are and what you do, and it should be so CLEAR, aligned and embodied that it smacks your audience in the face so hard that they FEEL all of you in an instant.

This is your powerplay.


Rebrand & Rebirth


Me, as your mentor and creative director for the next 3 months in your business, helping you to discover and embody the most authentic and unapologetic you, creating the vision of who you are as a powerful woman so that you can step into the next evolution of your business.

Over 3 powerful months together you will experience a complete rebrand and rebirth both personally and professionally with private mentorship, a professional branding photoshoot styled and creatively directed by me, a luxe VIP Mastermind Hotel soulcation together to plan out your next evolution business, celebration dinner and so much more.

Telling people what you do is no longer enough, the most successful people in business SHOW you who they are and what they do through powerful branding that visually speaks!”

This experience is one that you are going to remember for the rest of your life.

There will be who you were before and who you are after, and who you will be after is the most confident, powerful, and undeniable you, you have ever been.

Your business will never be the same again!

Please fill out this application which will allow you and I to have a clear understanding of how we can co-create your rebirth immersion together.


Whats includes:

  • 3 Months Private Rebirth Mentorship

  • Bi-weekly calls with Krystal (6 in total over 3 months)

  • Branding Breakthrough Session (2 in total over 3 months)

  • Messenger Support and Guidance

  • Luxe VIP Hotel Mastermind Soulcation with Krystal

  • Professional Branding Photoshoot

  • A fully planned, styled, and creatively directed photoshoot with Krystal

  • 2 hour on-location photoshoot with a professional photographer

  • Over 100 professionally edited photos + video content of the shoot

  • Professional Tan, Hair, and Make-up

  • Celebratory Dinner with Krystal

    What’s not included:

  • Flights to Queensland

  • Photoshoot outfits

  • Photoshoot props and accessories

  • Uber to and from the airport

  • Personal room services chargers