How would it feel…

To be a part of a supportive and encouraging online membership that will guide and empower you on your healing, growth, and self-discovery journey?

The She Who Dares membership is an online women’s self-care, self-healing, and personal development monthly membership where women come together to do the inner work of healing, integrating, and embodying their highest selves.

Let’s be real; the inner work journey can be wild.
It can catapult you forward, pull you back, and throw you around, and I guess that is why I have created the She Who Dares membership.

I wanted to bring women together and create a supportive, safe, nurturing space where we no longer have to do this work alone; where we can come together and go on this wild ride of healing and self-discovery side by side.

“I absolutely love being a member of the SWD membership. Krystal goes above & beyond with the content each month, it’s incredible value! I love being able to choose intuitively from a variety of meditation’s & hypnosis and so many other self-care tools depending on my day. The guest speakers have been so good & the live group sessions that Krystal facilitates each month have been amazing – I am having so much fun being a part of this membership. It’s such a beautiful space where women support each other and learn the tools to become the best version of yourself.”


She Who Dares Membership is for you if you are:


  • Wanting to connect with like-minded women
  • Are on your own inner journey of healing, personal growth, and self-discovery
  • You want to improve your mindset, deepen your spirituality, and unlock your personal power
  • You want to learn more about Astrology and be a part of new and full moon ceremonies
  • Searching for a variety of self-led healing modalities to support you in releasing stored emotions, rewiring your limiting beliefs and reprogram your subconscious mind
  • Looking for a one-stop-shop for all your self-care and mindfulness tools so that you can create ease and flow with your daily practice.
  • Wanting support and guidance in a safe and supportive environment
  • You are ready to deeply connect to yourself and rediscover you again
  • You want something that’s just for you, a special place where you can escape into yourself that is uplifting, positive and empowering
  • Looking into personal development however you don’t have hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend

If it feels like I am speaking directly to you, that’s because I am.
I created the She Who Dares membership for you!
For women just like you.

What’s included inside the SWDA Membership


  • Monthly Intuitive Group Session with Krystal
  • Monthly Astrology workshop with our in-house Astrologer
  • New Guest Speakers every month
  • New mindfulness and subconscious reprogramming audios added each month
  • Access to the She Who Dares self-care library
  • Access to a range of self-led healing modalities workshop
  • Access to educational workshops, masterclasses, and mini courses
  • Exclusive entry into the She Who Dares online community group
  • SWD Bonuses – 10% OFF private coaching and mentoring offers

“I had recently completed a hypnotherapy program with Krystal when I received an email about the She Who Dates Academy and to be honest, I skimmed through most of them because when I saw the calibre of content and speakers she was bringing into the space each month I thought, “WOW this is going to be a huge investment!” As the doors were almost ready to open I finally clicked the link for more info and when I saw the price, my jaw near hit the ground…it was SO affordable!!! Coming from a place of feeling overwhelmed and like I had too many coaches, this was the answer! Not only was I getting to be in a space with Krystal who is pure magic, I was also able to tap into some incredible leaders in each of their fields that I already knew and loved. Having not just a great leading facilitator in Krystal, but hearing from so many other leaders, healers, and practitioners, it always feels fresh and new and there is always something to look forward to. So instead of constantly searching for what else, I’ve definitely found a home in the She Who Dares Academy “


How the SWD Membership Works:

The She Who Dares membership is a one-stop-shop experience for all your self-care needs.

Every month as a SWD member you will be absolutely spoilt with a variety of self-care and mindset reprogramming tool, intuitive group sessions, astrology workshops, guest speakers and more.

Sign up and become a member

When you do this, it will ask you to create an account make sure you do this step because that is going to give you instant access to the members portal accessed through my website

Log-in to the SWD Member Portal

You will receive your SWD membership welcome email with a link to log into the ‘members portal’ through my website. Inside the portal is where you will find all your self-care audio recordings and past workshops, masterclasses, and mini courses and so much more.

Join the SWD Members community group

Add yourself to the SWD community group on Facebook (you will find the link to join in your welcome email). We use this group to connect, share and communicate as a group.

Choose your own adventure

Once you have been accepted into the SWD member Facebook group, go the ‘events’ tab in the tool bar to see all the up-coming live events, guest speakers, astrology workshops and sessions with me. Choose which ones you want to be a part, pop them in your diary and block out your calendar.

Hi, I’m Krystal.


I am the founder of She Who Dares; I am a women’s Mindset and Empowerment Coach, Business Mentor, Speaker, Podcaster and all-round facilitator of deep transformational healing and change for women all over the world.


Through my work I combine a variety of holistic healing modalities and subconscious reprogramming tools, which include Neuro-Linguistic Programming, TimeLine Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Breakthrough Coaching and Reiki to create deep transformational change for my clients. 

I do this through a collection of offerings including 1:1 coaching, private mentoring, masterminds, online group programs, membership and in-person events and experiences.

I am here to support you in healing your relationship with yourself, to break-up with your inner mean girl, dismantle your negative self-beliefs, to turn your pain into your power, your mess into magic, so that you remember who the f*ck you are and step back into your life as your most authentic, aligned, and empowered self.

If it feels like I am speaking directly to you, that’s because I am.
I created the She Who Dares membership for you!
For women just like you.

Imagine if you could…

  • Be part of an aligned community
  • Be surrounded by other liked minded, soul-led, and heart-centred women
  • Receive guidance, support and care that will empower you on your inner work, healing, and self-discovery journey
  • Have access to an entire online library of guided mediations, hypnotherapy, higher-self activations, and EFT tapping recordings covering an arrange of topics and themes with new recordings added every month
  • Reprogram your mindset in the comfort of your own home
  • Have all your self-care and personal development needs in one easy to access place
  • Get access to workshops, masterclass and mini courses with top healers, facilitators, and coaches from all over the world
  • Learn a new way to self-heal through a range of modalities
  • Deep dive into your self-discovery journey learning about your Astrology and Human Design

This is all available to you when you become a She Who Dares member

A little note from Krystal…


Something that is incredibly important to me is that my work is accessible to all women, regardless of financial situation.

This is important to me because I have experienced times in my life where I have had money to invest in myself and other times where I didn’t, therefore when I sat down to create this membership I did so with the intention that the She Who Dares Membership would be a high value experience at a low cost investment.

I have lost count how many times I have had people tell me this membership is too cheap, that I should increase the price and maybe one day I will need too but for right now this is the price that feels good to me, this is the price that aligns with my vision and mission.

Throughout my career coaching and mentoring women, it has always been important to me to have a range of offerings that range from free – to low cost – to mid range and high ticket. Because in my world no woman is left behind and I do my best to make sure that there is something for everyone, at every level and every price point.

You won’t be priced out in my world. All women are worthy of this work, of working on themselves, not just the women who are in a position to invest thousands and thousands.


Monthly Membership


  • Monthly guest facilitators
  • Monthly Astrology Update
  • Self-care library with content added monthly
  • Online community group
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Cancel anytime
  • And more....


When does my membership begin?

You receive instant access to the membership as soon as you sign up and become a member.

How long will I have access to the membership?

You will receive access to the membership for as long as your monthly subscription payment is up to date.

How do I get access to the membership?

Access to the membership is via the online members portal and the official SWD members Facebook group.

How do I log into the members portal?

Upon signing up to become a member you will be asked to create an account and it is with those account details that you can access the SWD members portal, which can be found on website in the top right hand corner at the ‘LOGIN’ icon. If you should have any issues at all please email the She Who Dares team at and we will endeavour to get you access as quickly as possible.

How many live sessions are there each month?

There are 3 live sessions each month:

1 x Intuitive Group Coaching / Mentoring Session with Krystal

1 x New Guest Speaker / Facilitator Session

1 x Astrology Workshop with the She Who Dares In-house Astrologer

***These sessions tend to go for 60-90min and each session is recorded and added to the members portal.

Do I need to attend all the monthly session?

No, you can choose your own adventure and be on live when it suits you and watch the recordings on times that you can’t be on live. There is no pressure, this is your membership, and you get to create your own delicious experience that suits your healing, growth, and discovery.

I don’t have Facebook, can I still become a member?

Yes, you can but it could potentially limit your experience. You won’t have access to the community Facebook group to build a connection with the other women in the membership however you will absolutely get access to the members portal and all recordings.

How does the monthly subscriptions payment get paid?

When you sign up, you are signing up to a recurring monthly subscription of $55 AUD. Whatever date you sign up on, in 30 days from that date your next monthly subscription will be automatically deducted from the payment method used when you originally signed up.

What is the cancelation policy?

Cancel anytime, there are no lock in periods. All we ask is that you give us 72 hours’ notice before your next monthly subscription payment is due to be automatically deducted. You can cancel your membership by emailing the SWD team at

What if I don’t use the membership?

How much or how little you use the membership is your responsibility. What I will say is this… don’t judge the value of the membership on the months that you are busy in life and unable to use it to its full capacity, judge the value based on the month that you do. This is your membership; your experience and you get to used it in the way that best support you. Some weeks and months that might not be a lot and others it might every day. Be kind to yourself, don’t put pressure on yourself that you ‘have to use it’ rather enjoy it when you can, when you feel called and on the harder days when you need support.


Of course, if you are not using it, if it doesn’t align or whatever reason it doesn’t matter because we have an awesome cancelation policy that means you can opt-out anytime and opt-back-in whenever its right for you.


“The SWD membership is a powerful container. You will breathe life into your days via the meditations, hypnosis, group calls and guest speakers. This membership was designed by Krystal with love to give you the inspiration, space, and tools to allow you to upgrade or surrender, depending on what your soul is calling for. You will enjoy and absorb the energy and encouragement of a group of incredible beings, ready to up-level alongside you on this immersion. Get ready to feel calm, centred, and motivated”


“I’ve been working with Krystal for years doing her Breaking Coaching and many of her short courses and group experiences. The She Who Dares Membership is like everything all rolled into one! I absolutely love the variety of all the monthly content, particularly the goals and intention workbook that is in the portal. It has helped me set intentions for the month & keeps me accountable. Not to mention all the group sessions, meditations, hypnotherapy’s & activations! We are so spoilt for choice.”


“The SWDA membership gives me life. The meditations and hypnoses in the portal are wonderful for my daily spiritual practice and personal development. The guest facilitators and classes Krystal has for us really add to the experience in such a meaningful way. The Facebook group is incredible—so much interaction with Krystal and being in a community of likeminded women is amazing. I absolutely love being a part of She Who Dares Academy!”


Looking for something more personalised?

Check out my private 1:1 coaching, and mentoring offers and packages