Reading the words of the women who have walked the path you yourself are about to walk is powerful.

Because if she can, you can too!

Anything and everything is possible, so as you read the words of the women who have already walked the path with me know that this is a sneak peek into what is possible for you too.

“I truly find it so hard to put into words how this program has helped me breakthrough what has been holding me back. I have been on a personal growth journey for quite some time and I was already reading and listening to personal development books and podcasts, meditating, using a gratitude journal and saying affirmations.

I knew I needed to do something more to get over the hurdles and get rid of my bad habits of self-sabotage.

Through the Master Your Mind program I have been able to recognise exactly what events in my life have caused me to create disempowering beliefs about myself and my self-worth.

Our weekly sessions have shown me what I need to let go of to be able to shine my light brightly. The community created within our group of incredible women all at different levels of self-discovery and growth has been such a blessing. I have truly made friends for life and we have been able to support each other on this journey. Lift others up when needed, motivate and keep each other accountable. Give yourself the permission to let Krystal help you with her expertise to let go of what is no longer serving you. If you do, then the world will truly be your oyster!”

Kristie Pettit, AUS

“Krystal has been an angel in my life! Her kind-hearted, no BS approach to digging deep into my limiting beliefs and releasing them, has changed the trajectory of my life.

Since I started working with Krystal, my business has taken on a whole new focus, one that had always been bubbling inside of me and now I have the confidence to fulfil those business goals.

She has given me clarity, direction, and self-belief. I highly recommend this amazing woman.”


“Honestly, I’ve spent a decade trying different therapies to help with my mental illness. Every time I do coaching with Krystal, something profound happens.

I have worked with Krystal in her private 1:1 Breakthrough transformation and I’ve also done her 21 day mindset challenge; she has this unique ability to be both an incredible coach, while also pushing you through your inner bullsh**t.

If there is a need in your life for fulfilment and you want to step into the very best version of you, you need Krystal.”


“Before working with Krystal, I was riddled with anxiety and I was having multiple panic attacks every day. My life was ruled by self doubt & an overall feeling of worthlessness. I felt I had no direction or purpose in life.

Not long after I started my sessions with Krystal, my anxiety and panic attacks stopped altogether! It literally felt like a weight had been lifted and now I could breathe easily.

The biggest thing that changed for me, was my mindset. Krystal gave me the opportunity to discover who I really am, to embrace my uniqueness and to learn to love myself, which was something I’d never done before. After my work with Krystal, I finally made the decision to pursue my passion and I’m about to start studying for my dream job. Krystal changed my life. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to be the best version of themselves. “


“I recently finished a 1:1 Breakthrough transformation with Krystal and followed it up with her 21- day mindset course. Both of these experiences have been amazing! I have broken down limiting beliefs, I’ve worked through past trauma dating back to my childhood, and helped work through some boundaries around toxic relationships and my inner mean girl. I have set up some daily self-love practices which have been a game changer for me, especially being a mum of a 3 year old and about to welcome our second child into the world.

Not only have I seen a difference in myself, but so has my husband and closest family and friends.

If you’re on the fence about signing up with Krystal, please, please, please choose to invest in yourself; I promise you won’t be disappointed! In Krystal’s words, you deserve to show up for yourself. You are so worthy.”


“I’ve completed a 1:1 Breakthrough, Be the Light (twice!), and I’m now going to embark on the Master Your Mind program with Krystal. My journey with the beautiful Krystal began over a year ago, and it has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. After years of knowing that I had to change things, I finally did. At the lowest point in my life, a door opened and there was Krystal! Whilst I was apprehensive at first, I was really my own worst enemy and still struggling to silence my “inner mean girl”.

A year later, I am a completely different person!

The advice I have for people who are beginning their journey with Krystal is, trust her! She knows what she is doing and she will be there every step of the way to provide you with all the motivation and support that you need. Also, trust the process and more importantly SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF no matter what! Krystal Wilson, you are absolutely amazing! This journey with you has been incredible and I want to keep showing up and keep learning from you! There are no limits to personal growth and development.”


“Working with Krystal has been absolutely mind-blowing! Krystal is loving, supportive and non-judgemental, at the same time she called me out on my BS which has lead me to a MONUMENTAL shift in my mind! It’s brought up some crazy stuff from my past, but Krystal is there every time I have needed her to support me. I have grown and learnt so much.

This whole experience has been amazingly positive!

Thank you Krystal, not only have you rocked my whole world in the best possible way, but you have also completely changed my life…for the better.”


Dear Krystal,

I have been wanting to write a testimonial for quite some time. I just wasn’t sure what or how I could properly say everything I needed to say! What I want to say is partly to you, and partly to those looking for something or someone to help them. I feel like it is such a hard place for people to begin with; to commit to a journey with you, because they are probably seeking you out at a time they feel down or lost, and I would even say some may even be sceptical that it could help them at all. They wonder, ‘can working on myself really make any difference?’

The answer is YES!

I know that I resisted, and through it you stuck with me. Challenging me to want this for myself. To raise my vibration and to not be scared of the outcome. It wasn’t until my third session with you that I felt it. I felt the shift then, and I was open to feeling it because of the two, hard slog sessions we had been through together before we reached that point.
I feel like the first time around I was stuck, I put up a wall and I didn’t want to do the work, I just wanted you to ‘fix me’. The thing I can recognise now is that the truth is, I was there. I was showing up. I did want to change, and I knew there was more for me. I felt stuck in my relationship with my husband, knowing that we were good together; but knowing it wasn’t enough. The first time we spoke I asked you “what happens if I work on myself and he doesn’t change – wont we be further apart?” and you said, ‘Someone has to go first. If you are good together, you will rise together.’

Before working with you, I had felt a pull towards speaking in front of people, I wanted to share my message, I needed to help people and I really believed I had something to say. Here we are now, a year after working with you, and I now have a job where I stand in front of an audience, and I help people.

I am filled with so much love and gratitude from the group program you offer, ‘Master Your Mind.” I thrived off being in a group of women, supported and guided by you. You gave us your belief in us, until we had it for ourselves. You told us that what we put in, is our good enough right now. And you have given me a voice in my head that is no longer telling me that I am hopeless, and not worthy of being on this earth. Yes, that inner critic is still a b*tch sometimes, but I have ways to turn down her volume, to not believe her trash talk, and to stop myself from spiralling into depths of believing that my friends and family would be better off without me. I have chosen JOY. I use your methods to get me back on track, to switch and flip a negative thought or emotion. Now, I really do believe in myself.

This journey is not linear; and I had my doubts at times. I resisted and decided (told myself) that this was not for me. But through it all, Krystal’s faith, love and belief in me never left, and when I needed help again, I was welcomed me with open arms, and I felt safe.
I will undoubtedly sign up with Krystal again, and I thank her for working with women like me so that we can step into our power.

Love, Cas

“Krystal is AMAZING! She has helped me heal and grow, so I can move forward in life with confidence and poise.”


“AMAZING, life changing, mind altering and one of the most positive things I have done for myself in many, many years. Krystal, you are incredible. Thank you!”


“Before working with Krystal my business was turning over $100k per year for the past 5 years and a big goal I had had for years was to breakthrough that income ceiling I was stuck at and double my yearly business revenue and that is exactly what I have gone on to do since working with Krystal.

I have broken through so many limiting beliefs, changed my money mindset and stepped into a whole new energy within my business as a CEO. Everything I have learnt from Krystal over the years has completely rewired my mindset for success and wealth and helped me to break through so many self-imposed limitation within what I thought was possible in my business.

Jess Miller

“Working with Krystal is the best!!!! I’m still going back to the lessons she taught me almost 3 years ago in her course Master Your Mind. Now I catch myself during the ‘struggle’ times in life and bring it right back to putting myself in the higher vibe rather than conforming to the drama/stuff happening that’s out of my control. Absolutely the best investment! Thank you Krystal!”

Lauren Kaal

“I have been working with Krystal for over a year now and have participated in Be The Light, Master Your Mind, as well as one to one Breakthrough, where we used Timeline Therapy to re-define my limiting beliefs and developed a whole new perspective and learnings that have set me free.

Krystal was a blessing to work with. Her down to earth personality and sense of humour was what first attracted me to her work, and I felt this also really helped us navigate sessions where some lightness and joy was necessary to balance things out. Her no nonsense approach was also perfect for holding me accountable, especially in the one to one breakthrough work. However, her ability to tune into my needs, preferences and pace is what really drew me in to continue working with her which is now well over a year together.

Krystal’s commitment to my development, genuine interest in my life, my growth was exactly what I needed and impressed me. Her flexibility in scheduling sessions was also greatly appreciated, especially as I am based in the UK.

I am so grateful for the time I have spent working with Krystal and feel empowered with a wealth of knowledge on mind mastery, key learnings for my own truth and tools to manifest the changes I wish to embody and see.

I look forward to future opportunities to work with Krystal and her wonderful community of strong and empowered She Who Dares women.

I would also hugely recommend working with Krystal to anyone interested in understanding mind mastery and interested in self growth and development.

Millie Mann

I have had 8 women sign up to work with me in the past week following Krystal’s guidance and strategies. Krystal has pushed me WAY outside of my comfort zone and held me at my highest point of power when all I wanted to do was run away and give up, but Krystal nurtured me, guided me and now I am sitting here having had more women sign up in the past week then I have had all year in my business.”

Chantel Legge

“I have just completed my Breakthrough with Krystal & I know now that I am more than worthy after 58 years of believing otherwise.

I did not know how indoctrinated I had become – because most of 58 years of my life, was just total crap, until my daughter told me about this lady named Krystal Wilson, whose own past experiences, & her healings for herself, helps heal others.

I’ve learnt a lot in my time working with Krystal & I have not finished yet as I have 1 more precious session to go.

But I can now sit here and write this post with my hand on my heart that after working with Krystal I now have a genuine love for myself and for the first time in my life see myself as a beautiful woman.

Krystal genuinely cares about all the beautiful woman she works with that is evident & that she does not hide behind false advertising like so many do… Krystal is the real deal, she adores us all, helping us to heal ourselves from the inside out.

I cannot put into words how glad I am to have invested in myself & I am so grateful that my daughter introduced me to Krystal because I know now that if I heal me, I heal my daughters & even my mokopuna (Grandchildren), who are the next generation.

I know I am a beautiful & powerful woman and I owe that to the work I have done with Krystal.

Krystal even worked on my relationship with my Husband of 38 years. Our marriage had become very toxic and I was at a point where I was thinking I wanted to leave him but all that has changed now to finding our love again for each other through the coaching and guidance Krystal gave me on ways I could heal my marriage.

Anne Millicent Te Kawa

“I’d been following Krystal for a while on Instagram before I had the confidence to reach out. I was totally digging her vibe, her realness, her no bullshit attitude and how much she talked about how worthy we all are. I needed that in my life.

Before working with Krystal I was at rock bottom. Literally. I couldn’t get any closer to the ground. I had no self-worth. Like, fucking zero. I didn’t believe I was worthy of anything good. I wasn’t me anymore. I didn’t feel like it was ok to be my authentic me. I’d lost that little something that made me sparkle.

It meant I actually had to admit that I wasn’t ok. And that I needed help.

I bailed on my initial clarity call with Krystal a few times. But, as soon as we started talking… I felt so comfortable. I could open up, talk about life and where I was at and why. Working with Krystal was exactly what I needed and it changed my life.

I am so fucking grateful that I said “Yes” and invested in myself even though I was riddled with fear and doubt because it has literally changed my life.

Before this work with Krystal I was in pieces and now I am whole again!

And, I’ve finally got my sparkle back. Thank you a million fucking times Krystal!

  • Kate Creighton

“I take myself back to a few months ago and boy oh boy was I a mess, I’d been through yet another break up that had taken my light away, I had lost my self-worth, my love for myself, it was a place I thought I’d never get myself out of, I cried myself to sleep at night, I knew I was in there somewhere but just wasn’t sure how to get me back.

One morning when I was a mess, I reached out to Krystal to book in a consult call with her and I poured my heart out, it felt so good to talk to someone impartial that actually cared and that has been through a lot herself so could draw on her own experiences.

From there I started my Breakthrough Coaching journey with Krystal. It took dedication and work, with meditation and journal entries and a lot of self-care outside of our sessions together but with Krystal on my side I was determined to do it as I really wanted to get out of the place, I was in.

It was amazing, I found every week things just got that little bit easier, lighter and I started to believe in myself again.

Fast track 8 sessions, I am feeling amazing, my love for myself has increased and my light has returned in full force! Everything has started to change for me, I feel so happy, free, and empowered.

I can’t thank Krystal enough for the work we did together, she is a special caring soul and I will be forever grateful

Monique Balbi

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