Mindset and Empowerment Coach, Business Mentor, Speaker, Podcast Host

& She Who Dares Founder

Hi, you found me, or the universe led you here…

My name is Krystal.

Before you go and fully immerse yourself into all the juicy details within my website, let me first give you a little run down of what you can expect coming into my world and hanging out with me…

In my world you will remember who the f*ck you are.

We will walk side by side and anytime you need me to take the lead I will do so but only to lead you straight back into your power.

In my world, I’ll have you believing in yourself, taking aligned action, setting empowering boundaries, standing up, speaking up, showing up and embracing your most authentic self.

I’ll have you turning down the volume on your inner mean girl and turning up the volume on your higher self.

In my world, I’ll have you rewriting your self-limiting beliefs, healing your wounds, and turning all that pain into power; the type of power that will catapult and expand beyond what you ever thought was possible.

Because in my world anything and everything IS possible.

A little about me....

I am a fiercely passionate, loud, bold, sensitive old soul, and I feel and care deeply. I am a Pisces sun, Sagittarius moon and rising, 6/2 emotional Manifestor and all-round wild woman.

I come from a long line of generational trauma, and I truly believe that I have been through all that I have so that I could inspire and empower others.

When I am not working in my business or with my clients, you will find me at Pilates, drinking an extra strong ice coffee, spending time with my fiancé, swimming laps at my local pool, reading a psychological thriller, playing with my puppy, on the phone with my mum, watching a great spine-chilling documentary, swimming in the ocean, catching up on the latest bravo reality TV shows, walking in the forest and cooking – I absolutely love cooking, eating and entertaining the people in my life that I love.

I am very passionate about the work I do in the world, the women I have the pleasure of working with and the She Who Dares brand.

I hope as you venture through my website you can feel my heart, my energy and passion and if it aligns for you, I hope that we take the next step together whether that be booking in a free 20min connection call or jumping straight into private coaching and mentoring with me either way I am looking forward to getting to know you.

4 Steps to beginning our journey together: 

Before you view all the options available to you, I thought it might be helpful to first guide you through my 4 ‘start here’ steps so that we can better get to know one another.



Be sure to follow me on my social media platforms so that you can get a feel of who I am, my values, how I show up in the world and lead myself and my clients (and also see the behind the scenes of the She Who Dares world).


Add yourself to my free women’s empowerment group on Facebook. This is a beautiful community of women from all over the world where we come together to support, cheer, and celebrate one another. I spend quite a bit of time in this group each week adding value, supporting, and building relationships with the women who are a part of my online community.


I have had the pleasure and honour of guiding and supporting so many women over the past decade in this work I do and so many of them have written me the most beautiful heart-felt testimonials about their experiences. Personally, I have always loved reading the words of the women who have walked before me when I am looking at working with a coach or mentor. I find it really inspiring to see what is possible. So click the link below and read the words of some of the incredible women who have journeyed with me.


Now it’s time to venture through my website and read about all the ways we can work together and then the final step is to book in your free 20min connection call with me. This will give us the opportunity to connect, so that I can learn about you and where you are, where you want to be, and we can discuss which of my offerings are best suited to your healing, growth, and transformation.

Want to dip your toe into my world first?

Here are some of my entry level / low cost (but of course high value) offers for those of you who are ready to dip your toe into my world and begin your self-paced journey exploring my work.


Not sure where to start? Or maybe you have some questions and would like to connect first? I got you! Click the link below and book in a free 20min connection call with me. We can chat about where you are, where you want to go and how I can best support you.


A monthly membership where women come together to do the inner work of healing, integrating, and embodying their highest selves. Think access to over a hundred audio self-care and subconscious reprogramming tools, intuitive group sessions, new and full moon ceremonies, monthly guest speakers or facilitators teaching on a range of aligned topics, access to the exclusive SWD members portal that give you a range of masterclasses, workshops, and mini courses to immerse yourself in.


Do you desire support and guidance to assist you in working through an issue, struggle, trigger or situation in your personal life, career, or business right now? Book in this 1-hour coaching session + 5 day post session messenger support sharing with me what is happening, how this is affecting you, what outcome you desire so that I can bring you into your power helping you to create the inner shift you desire.


One of my biggest dreams is to become an author but before I can become an author, I first must become a writer, so this year that is exactly what I am doing. Almost every morning I wake up early, make myself a coffee, grab my laptop and write, practice tapping into the depths of wisdom that lives within us all. I have called these channelled writings ‘The Higher Self Diaries’: A collection of writings, healing messages and wisdom from my higher self for me, for you, for us all.

Krystal Fking Clear


I had only one goal in mind with this podcast, and that was that I wanted to inspire you to turn your pain into power! I wanted to show you that you can stop letting your past define who you are, and you can start showing up as your most authentic and unapologetic self. I know how scary it can be to dive into the heavy stuff we’ve buried deep down inside ourselves, so I am going first, baring my soul, and sharing my story. On my podcast, Krystal Fking Clear, you’ll get access to a no-holds-barred insight into the journey that has brought me to where I am today; a whole, healed, and empowered woman.

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EP 2: Broken – Part One

EP 2: Broken – Part One

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EP 3: Broken – Part Two

EP 3: Broken – Part Two

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