Hey. Hello. Hi!

I’m Krystal Wilson.

I’m a Women’s Empowerment Coach, a Mindset + Business Mentor, Podcaster & Spiritual Badass.

You might not realise this yet, but you are seriously amazing.

But I’m thinking maybe you have forgotten that. I get it. I forgot how amazing I was for a while, too. I’ve been where you are now. I’ve been that girl. The girl who hated herself, the one who didn’t trust herself, or believe in herself.

I’ve been the girl who didn’t know what self-love was, and who had absolutely no sense of her own self-worth.

I’ve made all the stupid choices and have done all the toxic shit.

Eventually, I realised that hating yourself doesn’t make anything better, and after a while it honestly just gets really freaking exhausting. So, I decided to break up with my bullshit, and step into my power.

I was able to accept that the shitty things that have happened in my life, did not define me. I realised I got to choose who I wanted to be. Spoiler Alert; no one gets to define who you are, either.

Sis, only you can make the rules about who you’re going to show up as.

I went and did a whole lot of work; on myself, for myself.

And then I went and did a heap more work, but this time… I did it for you.

I upskilled myself in a range of holistic modalities that turned me into the ultimate spiritual badass. I trained at Master Level in Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. This stuff is MAGIC. This is the therapy that goes deep, way beneath the surface, and helps you become exactly who you were always meant to be! I’m also a level 2 Certified Reiki Practitioner, and I use all of these tools every single day to help women create powerful change in their lives.

My business exists to serve women. I want to see you living your best life, being the most badass version of yourself that you can be. That is why I create courses, packages and programs that meet women at every stage of their lives, strengthening their relationships with themselves, as they heal their pain and step into their power.

It's not all Hippy Woo Woo around here though!

I’ve done the suits and heels thing, and gained knowledge and skills through these experiences that helped strengthen and support my ability to be the very best possible Coach, Mentor and Speaker I can be. I’ve got a heap of corporate experience, have a strong background in sales and business and I’ve studied Community Services and Social Welfare while working in Child Protective Services.

“I have always known I wanted to make a strong and powerful impact in the world, and especially for women.”


When I walked away from the corporate sector, I re-trained in all the powerfully healing therapeutic and growth modalities I could, and I relaunched myself as She Who Dares; which was my first step into the world of coaching & empowering women to heal their shit, and live their life on their own terms.

I have had the opportunity to be a Guest Speaker at a variety of events across Australia, and the energy that comes from being able to connect with women in this way is so powerful! I also facilitate and co-host a variety of programs and experiences both face to face and online, and I love being able to support women in their growth and healing such diverse ways.

Your best and most empowered life is waiting for you.

No matter what stage of the journey you are at, I can help guide you to a place where you are feeling whole, healed and empowered.

We can do this, together. I truly believe that I have experienced everything I’ve been through, because I was MEANT to do this work with women.

Girl, let’s get it done!

Krystal xx

Guest Speaker and Facilitator

Book me for your next event!

I love sharing my story, connecting with women, and supporting them to reach their goals. I have had the opportunity to be a Guest Speaker at a variety of events across Australia and the energy that comes from being able to connect with women in this way is so powerful!

I can also support you by facilitating empowerment programs, either online or face to face, and can work collaboratively with you to customize my offerings, making sure I deeply engage your audience in a way that brings real value to their lives.

I’m always excited to discuss speaking and facilitating opportunities, so reach out and let’s talk!

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I am so excited for you to explore my beautiful collection of intuitively designed courses, programs and transformational coaching experiences, all designed to help you heal your pain, and step into your power.

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14 days of soul work and self-care

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