Work with me

Work with me 1:1


6 or 12 week private breakthrough coaching experience

Breakthrough Coaching is a deep transformational healing journey, where we heal the root cause wounds, release the emotions that have been holding you hostage and rewrite your limiting belief system that you hold about yourself.

This powerful and transformative, 1:1 coaching experience will take you deep inside yourself, so that you can heal from the events of your past and step into your future as your most aligned and empowered self.



3,6 or 12 months personal or business mentorship experience

The She Who Dares Mentorship is for the woman who deeply desires to be held at her highest point of power. It’s one self-led woman holding another self-led woman in all her greatness. It’s a commitment to your growth, alignment, and embodiment in all areas of your life and business. Choose from 6 or 12-month mentorship packages and get ready to go beyond your edges.


4 session private coaching package

Are you ready to explore and step into the embodiment of a She Who Dares woman in your personal life and/ or your business? The She Who Dares Woman is a private coaching experience over 4 powerful sessions to explore your awakening, integration, self-leadership, and embodiment as a She Who Dares woman.


A single one-off coaching session

Do you desire support and guidance to assist you in working through an issue, struggle, trigger or situation in your personal life, career, or business right now? Book in this 1-hour coaching session + 5 day post session messenger support sharing with me what is happening, how this is affecting you, what outcome you desire so that I can bring you into your power helping you to create the inner shift you desire.

Online Group Programs


6 week online group program

An online group program that will transform your identity, beliefs, mindset, and relationship with money. Allowing you to heal old money wounds that are keeping you stuck in disempowering money cycles, so that you can become a master Manifestor, learning how to work with the energy of money and the laws of the universe to become an energetic match for overflow. This is the program that breaks through scarcity and aligns you to the frequency of true abundance.


6-month business mastermind for women

An immersion for women who are coaches, healers, and facilitators in service-based businesses who have a big vision within their hearts of helping and impacting others through the work they do in the world. Over 15 weeks together, you will learn how to align and elevate all aspects of your business, taking it to the next level through transforming your mindset, your business strategy, and the energetics.


New and coming soon

This is a whole new experience that I am creating and will be launching later in 2023. I cannot even put into words how incredible becomingHER is going to be. If you feel something from reading the words ‘becomingHER’ – trust in that and click the link below to join the waitlist, that way you will be the first to know all the beautiful details when they become available.

Memberships, Subscriptions and Self-paced


Monthly personal development & self-care membership for women

A monthly membership where women come together to do the inner work of healing, integrating, and embodying their highest selves. Think access to over a hundred audio self-care and subconscious reprogramming tools, intuitive group sessions, new and full moon ceremonies, monthly guest speakers or facilitators teaching on a range of aligned topics, access to the exclusive SWD members portal that give you a range of masterclasses, workshops, and mini courses to immerse yourself in.


Monthly Substack subscription

One of my biggest dreams is to become an author but before I can become an author, I first must become a writer, so this year that is exactly what I am doing. Almost every morning I wake up early, make myself a coffee, grab my laptop and write, practice channelling into the depths of wisdom that live within us all. I have called these channelled writings ‘The Higher Self Diaries’: A collection of writings, healing messages and wisdom from my higher self for me, for you, for us all.


6 week self-paced hypnotherapy series

I have created a series of 6-week Healing Hypnotherapy programs covering different themes that will help you to do deep subconscious reprogramming while you relax and sleep – how cool is that?! There are 5 different healing themes to choose from: Self, Anxiety, Belief, Food and Body Image, and you don’t have to choose just one, many women have purchased multiple – be sure to check out the bundle option available.